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Why choose us?

There are several reasons to choose Edinburgh & Fife Attic Conversions to complete your project.We have a very good internet presence and an excellent reputation for producing first class projects.

This has taken many years to build. With the exception of client recommendation, the several web sites including and offering the opportunity for clients to leave feedback on us, is perhaps our biggest lead in new clients, all it takes is one unhappy client to leave a bad testimonial and years of hard work will be ruined in a key stroke. As these comments cannot be removed its in our best interest to maintain our good name. 

Unlike other companies we photograph each and every project we do in minute detail, and create a montage video, which is then with the clients permission put up on our youtube page. We do this as we are so proud of our high standards of workmanship. 

Edinburgh & Fife Attic Conversions
Edinburgh & Fife Attic Conversions

We're a 'one-stop shop'...

As we are a small family company we form close working relationships with each client. When we say customer satisfaction is our goal we really mean it. No matter what a client wants out of their project we will go far out of our way to achieve it. From adding extra Velux windows. To the simple things like placing sockets in position behind where a flat screen tv will be placed to hide all the cables. And anything else our clients can think of during construction.

We are a one stop shop. From offering the most up to date and professional advice through to the completion of your project, we take care of and project manage every single step. You need not worry at all about anything. When we take on a project we look after everything.

A lot of clients are concerned that the mess created will upset their day to day routines. We have a thoroughly tested system of construction, that see's the entire attic conversion almost to completion before any work is required down stairs. In general wherever the stairs are to eventually be placed, we "box" off a section with a temporary stud partition and a door for access. All materials are then taken through this access, which shuts of the work completely from the rest of the house. At the end of each working day the whole area is swept and the door closed behind us. So you can get on with the business of running your home and family with as little disruption as possible.

Most families hoping to convert their attic do so with a young family, or a new addition on the way. Its very important to us that we do our utmost not to disturb the day to day routine of the kids, and more importantly the Mum who we all know is the boss when it comes to house! Therefore we like to think of ourselves in the same vein as the Elves and the Shoemaker, we don't start until the kids leave for school in the morning, and before the family comes home at night we are gone with the whole place left pristine. All a customer see's is the day to day progress as the conversion takes shape. This said, we are always available when the need arises to discuss the finer points with our clients. As we are employed by you to provide a service we always provide the best service possible.

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